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Check Payments

Accept checks as a form of payment in your stores with the most comprehensive check authorization and risk management system in the industry - delivering unprecedented accuracy, convenience and simplicity. Your business can reduce the costs of authorizing checks and eliminate the risk of fraud — all while gaining the ability to complete each transaction quickly and efficiently.


Unlock the value of a 3rd party check by offering convenient check cashing or deposit options to your customers. We protect your business from check cashing or deposit fraud in a real-time inquiry to our system. Authorization requests are fully automated and completed in seconds.

Online & Mobile Payments

Customers have grown to expect electronic payment options for payments of goods and services, funds transfers and disbursements, and recurring payments. Offering Automated Clearing House (ACH) as a payment option enables your business to lower processing costs while automating and safeguarding against evolving fraud threats.

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Our consolidated returns management program, or SettleSmart, centralizes the routing of returned checks through a single return bank account. Streamline your back office paperwork and reduce (or eliminate) return check fees incurred by your bank. By gaining access to funds more quickly, your cash flow management will improve.

Virtual Hold Check

Designed for the auto industry, Virtual Hold Check allows you to easily accept multiple down payments from your customers. This flexible system allows up to 3 checks to be processed up to 3 separate dates over the next 30 days.  Payments are held until the agreed upon dates, at which time they will be released for settlement. This allows you to focus on your customers, instead of the back end paperwork.

Warranty & Self Risk

With Certegy's optional warranty coverage, Certegy reimburses you for 100% of the returned item's face value when an authorized payment is returned unpaid - creating a risk free solution!

If you do not elect for our warranty coverage, you can still take advantage of all our risk management tools and data - however; processing and collecting of the returned check remains your responsibility.

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